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Mount Bromo Tour Packages Agent is one of the best Travel Organizers in East Java, Indonesia. Our agents have a team and guides who are professional, experienced and reliable in serving you during the holidays. Our services cover several travel destinations on the island of Java such as Tour Bromo, Ijen Crater Tours, Surabaya and Malang Tours, Yogyakarta Tours or Bali Tours. Therefore we believe that we will provide a comfortable and pleasant service for tourists.

Bromo Tour Packages Review

Bromo Mountain is situated around 3 to 4 hours’ commute south of Surabaya city as well as roughly the same duration from Malang. Well, Bromo is considered an active volcanic mountain and is encircled by a sand dune formed through its eruption. The magnificence of the dawn and the comfort of walking to its crater are two of the primary reasons that people visit this mountain. Aside from that, there are a number of other tourist attractions in and surrounding Bromo volcano. Such as: Vew point Mt. Pananjakan, Crater of Bromo 2,329M asl, Whispering sands, Savanna meadow, Madakaripura Waterfall.

Trip to Bromo from Surabaya or Malang

Tour Mount Bromo from Surabaya are the best choice to enjoy a vacation to Bromo if you live in the city of Surabaya. We also recommend this tour option if you come from Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam) and from Europe/America. Because Surabaya has an international airport that serves flight routes from abroad.

In addition to a trip to Bromo from Surabaya, we also provide a tour to Bromo from Malang. This journey will start from the hotel, Abdulrachman Saleh Airport Station or from the “Kota Baru” train station. Then, we will pick you up to go to Mt. Bromo and do the Bromo sunrise Tour the next day.

What to see in Bromo National park?

There are some tourist attractions that you can enjoy in Bromo’s surroundings. Below are the briefs of them.

  1. Kingkong Hill, Mt Penanjakan 1, and Love Hill & Seruni Point
    These places are top spots for seeing the golden sunrise.
  2. Bromo Crater
    From a pretty close proximity, Bromo crater may be observed, requiring numerous steps to be climbed. Since that peak is indeed an active volcanic mountain, it always spews white sulfur.
  3. Savanna Hills and Teletubbies Hill
    Featured in the south, this location is characterized by green vegetation and ivy, which are ideal for photographing or snapping photographs.
  4. Whispering of Sand
    For individuals who wish to experience the sense of being in deserts.
  5. Hindu Temple Luhur Poten
    A Hindu Tengger society’s place of worship, nestled at the base of Bromo, is also the site of ancient Tengger events including the Kasada Festivals as well as rites.
  6. Mount Semeru
    The tallest peak in Java is the primary destination for individuals interested in climbing tours or hiking.
  7. Ranu Kumbolo Lake
    With its position at the base of Semeru, this place is one of the greatest destinations for camping expeditions.
  8. Madakaripura Waterfall
    The greatest natural site near Bromo features a beautiful natural environment.

Popular Mount Bromo Tour Packages Option

You can choose from a variety of trip to bromo mountain and its surroundings by This list below includes options for groups, honeymoons, private, family, and study tours.

Tour Mount Bromo

Package One Day Trip

This package lasts just 12 to 15 hours and includes a meeting place or pick-up site for Tour Bromo in Surabaya or Malang, or other East Java cities within 200 kilometers of mt Bromo.

This pickup is scheduled at midnight, with an expected arrival time of 2 or 3 a.m. near Bromo Mountain. A Bromo day trip travel schedule is provided below.

  • This package commences with a pick-up from Malang or Surabaya at about 23.00 until 24.00 PM.
  • Go immediately to the next transport hub in Sukapura Village, which takes around 3.5 hours.
  • After boarding the Sukapura Probolinggo, take a short break before riding the Hardtop 4WD that we have reserved for you.
  • The sunrise tour departs from the Penanjakan Hill location.
  • Headed to Bromo Craters, then to Savanna Hill, Teletubbies Hill, and finally towards the Whispering of Sand.
  • Return back to your accommodation in Surabaya/Malang, either directly to the railway station or the airport.
  • Arriving in Surabaya at 15.00 or 16.00 PM.
  • Trips end.

Package 2 Days & 1 Night

The destination and kind of lodging can be changed based on your preferences. We may supply lodging ranging from a home stay, dormitory, to a 2, 3, or perhaps 4-star hotel. The detailed travel schedule for these trips is provided below.

The 1st Day: Pick-up Service to Bromo Hotel

  • Hotel, railway station, or airport pickup in Malang or Surabaya.
  • Afterwards, our crew will drive you immediately towards the home stay or hotel.
  • When you arrive at the inn, you may take in the surrounding landscape.
  • Rest is suggested as soon as possible in order to be ready for the Bromo dawn tour.

The 2nd Day: Bromo Sunrise Tour – Drop off Malang or Surabaya.

  • We will meet you at your accommodation in a 4WD vehicle to begin your Bromo dawn tour to Mt. Penanjakan 1. Typically, your pick-up time is approximately 3:00 AM, yet when you choose a vacation over a national or long holiday, you need to depart earlier to get nearer to the desired position.
  • Then, see the attractions surrounding Bromo National Park, such as the Bromo crater, whispering sand, savanna, and Teletubbies hill.
  • After visiting all or most of the tourism destinations listed above, return to the hotel.
  • When arriving at the hotel, you can immediately take a shower and have breakfast.
  • Rest, and at check-out hour, which is normally about 12 noon, we will bring you back to airport/train station.
  • Arrive at 16.00 PM in Malang or Surabaya.
  • Trip ends

Another alternative packages

The two types of Mount Bromo Tour Packages mentioned above are the most common and popular ways to experience this volcano. Alternative activities that can be included while on vacation in Gunung Bromo include, for example.

  1. Mt Bromo & Tumpak Sewu Waterfall Tour
  2. Bromo Sunrise Tour
  3. Madakaripura Waterfall Tour
  4. Mt. Bromo Milky Way Photography Tour
  5. Camping on Bromo Volcano Tour
  6. Mount Semeru Trekking
  7. Bromo Volcano and Malang City Tours (Plantation Tour, Malang Beach Tour, etc)
  8. Tour to Bromo and Ijen Crater, as well as the Ijen Blue Fire Tour
  9. Bromo, Banyuwangi, Kalibaru, Sukamade Beach Tour
  10. Rafting on the Pekalen River
  11. And so on.

The Price Bromo Tour Packages Private 2023

1-PersonIDR 2.500.000,-IDR 3.500.000,-
2-PersonsIDR 2.600.000,-IDR 3.900.000,-
3-PersonsIDR 3.100.000,-IDR 4.650.000,-
4-PersonsIDR 3.500.000,-IDR 5.800.000,-
5-PersonsIDR 3.650.000,-IDR 6.750.000,-
6-PersonsIDR 3.950.000,-IDR 8.400.000,-

Facilities During Tour Bromo

  1. During travel, appropriate land transportation is provided.
  2. Inns, guesthouses, villas, or dormitories (except for the Bromo midnight tour).
  3. A Land cruiser (4-wheel-drive Hardtop) or a Jeep.
  4. Meal, lunch, and supper with mineral water
  5. All Access Admission to all the most toured tourist spots
  6. Fee for highway, parks, and retaliation
  7. Professional driver, tour guide, including tour leader.

How to Reservation Trip? is a best solution for your perfect Trip to Bromo, we will prepare anything you booked for. So, it is easy! Just call the available contact person for further information about the booking details.

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